Pumps and Compressors



Christian Honecker

Research Associate


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The lecture and the exercises take place in the summer semester.



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The lecture covers the fundamentals of fluid transportation using suitable examples. A main focus of the lecture lies on the classification of the versatile reciprocating engines regarding their design features like the type of piston travel, the piston guide, the volume change of the workspace or the control of the workspace openings. Besides a historical review there are also going to be numerous execution examples of present-day reciprocating engines.

Furthermore the calculation of the drive capacity as well as the output of the particular compressor type is executed on a thermodynamic basis. The observation of the energy balance shows the magnitude of the occurring loss portion. The last part of the lecture focuses on the static and dynamic calculation of pumps which contrary to compressors are able to convey fluid matter.



The following topics are dealt with:

  • Basic Output Principles
  • Classification of Pumps and Compressors according to Design Features
  • Calculation of Compressors
  • Regulation of Compressors
  • Calculation of Piston Pumps

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