Catalytic Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment of Internal Combustion Engines



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The lecture and the exercises take place in the summer semester.



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To protect the environment the emission guidelines for combustion engines will steadily become stricter. A reduction of the exhaust emissions to the required level is not quite possible by only using internal motoric methods which is why the catalytic exhaust gas after treatment plays such a crucial role in the development of combustion engines.

The lecture focuses at first on the physical and chemical fundamentals of the catalytic exhaust gas after treatment and following that the focus will be on the structure and functionality of the several components of the exhaust gas system. For this purpose the layout of the exhaust gas after treatment and the influence of several coating compositions as well as various operating strategies of the behavior and the efficiency of the components are discussed. In conclusion different concepts of whole systems are presented and their assets and drawbacks are assessed.

The knowledge from the lecture will be used in the exercise and also in practical examples. Additionally tours of the synthetic gas test bench as well as an engine test bench will be offered.



The following topics are dealt with:

  • Fundamentals of Exhaust Gas After Treatment
  • Structure of Motor Vehicle Exhaust Gas After Treatment Components
  • Oxidation and 3-Way Catalyst
  • NOx-Catalytic Converter
  • SCR-Catalyst
  • Particular Filter
  • Complex Exhaust Gas After Treatment Systems

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