Acoustics of mobile drive systems (formerly AIM)



Katja Fröhlingsdorf



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The lecture and the exercises take place in the summer semester.



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For conventional powered vehicles the combustion engine is still the dominant source for interior noise of a vehicle. With the increasing electrification of the powertrain new challenges arise due to electrical components and more dominant tire and wind noise. The vehicle interior sound is an important issue in the field of product quality. Therefore it is important to provide a certain sound quality to ensure product value and brand identification.

The lecture gives an outline on important aspects of sound engineering of combustion and electric engines. In detail it covers the fundamentals of noise formation and perception as well as a description of modern measurement and assembly methods. Afterwards virtual engine development tools like FEM and their potential to modify the sound of propulsion concepts are discussed. These aspects lead to details of the acoustic design of different propulsion systems.



The following topics are dealt with:

  • Acoustic Fundamentals
  • Acoustic Measurement Equipment
  • Acoustic Behaviour of Combustion and Electric Engines
  • Acoustic Assesment of Propulsion Concepts
  • Sound Quality
  • Legal Requirements
  • Sound Design

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