Reception & Registry


Opening Hours of Reception

The Institute for Combustion Engines is open during the mentioned periods. For meetings outside of the consultation-hours mentioned during the lectures, please make sure to contact us beforehand.

Weekdays Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 7:30am to 7pm
Saturday, Sunday closed



Contact Contact Person Telephone Number
Reception VKA Ms. Hannelore Thie +49 241 80 48010
Anteroom Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pischinger Ms. Gabriele Scholz +49 241 80 48000
Registry Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jakob Andert Ms. Petra Müggenburg +49 241 80 48148
Registry Dipl.-Ing. Peter Dittmann Ms. Heike Lahaye +49 241 80 48050
Registry Dr.-Ing. Marco Günther Ms. Sabrina Peitsch +49 241 80 48015
Registry Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Laible Ms. Heike Lahaye +49 241 80 48050
Registry Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Benedikt Heuser (FDC) Ms. Nicole Gallus +49 241 80 97049
HiWi Contracts Ms. Selina Cakmakci +49 241 80 48141
Registration Sheets Ms. Sabrina Peitsch +49 241 80 48015
MTS / ACK Ms. Birgit Schaefer-Hamm +49 241 80 48020


Foyer VKA

Presentation entrance area VKA

For a detailed view please click directly on the image.

The main entrance of the VKA is on the left side underneath the building passage. On the right side of the entrance door there is a pillar with a doorbell – please ring here to enter the building. You can sign in at the reception.


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